Work Experience

Engineering Manager @ Lambda School 2019-2020

In this role, I supervised, coached and supported cross-functional engineering teams comprised of > 100 full-stack web developers, data scientists, UX designers and iOS developers

Database/Sys Admin @ U.S. Army 2015-2019

I managed databases, wired/wireless/satellite networks for an organization of over 600 personell. Tasks ranged from planning, to executing hardware and software rollouts, to data security and access controls.

Co-founder @ A&M Digital Tech, LLC 2015-2019

I designed and executed company infrastructure for development, remote collaboration, client acquisition & support, and accounts management.

Helicopter Mechanic @ U.S. Army 2014-2015

I was the hyraulic and pneumatic systems expert for Chinooks (Boeing CH-47), Blackhawks, Apaches & Kiowas (Bell OH-58).