Work Experience

Developer Experience Lead @ A.Team 2020

Working with top independent industry players to redesign their professional life. Connect them with meaningful, well paid missions, where they also surround themselves with people they love working with

Engineering Manager @ Lambda School 2019-2020

In this role, I supervised, coached and supported cross-functional engineering teams comprised of > 100 full-stack web developers, data scientists, UX designers and iOS developers

Database/Sys Admin @ U.S. Army 2015-2019

I managed databases, wired/wireless/satellite networks for an organization of over 600 personnel. Tasks ranged from planning, to executing hardware and software rollouts, to data security and access controls

Co-founder @ A&M Digital Tech, LLC 2015-2019

I designed and executed company infrastructure for development, remote collaboration, client acquisition & support, and accounts management

Helicopter Mechanic @ U.S. Army 2014-2015

I was the hydraulic and pneumatic systems expert for Chinooks (Boeing CH-47), Blackhawks, Apaches & Kiowas (Bell OH-58)