John Muchiri

Former Engineering Manager @ Lambda School

Hello đź‘‹, I'm John.

I lead teams through SDLC to ship products with top engineering quality.

My areas of expertise include technical project management, technical team leadership, software architecture, QA, web development, and database/system administration.

Engineering Manager @ Lambda School

What I did there as an Engineering Manager

  • Manage, support and train teams of over 100 software engineers
  • Supervise and lead cross-functional engineering teams comprised of full-stack web developers, data scientists, UX designers, and iOS developers
  • Provide technical support and coaching to team leads
  • Collaborate with internal cross-functional teams to improve processes for scalability and efficiency
  • Advise teams on engineering infrastructure
  • Build tools to measure engineering quality
  • Conduct project engineering quality assurance audits
  • Collaborate to develop and conduct training lessons for engineering teams

Technical Project Manager @ Lambda School

What I did there as a Technical Project Manager

  • Oversee software development lifecycle (SDLC) of 8 projects with a total of 29 engineers
  • Coordinate project reviews, kick-offs and planning sessions
  • Cost-benefit analysis of project plans to provide actionable feedback
  • Manage workforce distribution across projects
  • Actively communicate with stakeholders

Network/Database Administrator @ U.S. Army

What I did there as a Network/Database Administrator

  • Maintain, monitor and troubleshoot network systems and databases supporting 600-person organization
  • Provide technical support, monitor and troubleshoot technical errors and maintain specialized maintenance software and databases used by 350+ technicians, mechanics and pilots
  • Maintain intranet and web applications that ensure accountability of up to $5M of critical equipment, improve equipment tracking capability more than 50% and eliminate the use of paper records
  • Plan and manage new software/hardware roll-out, upgrades and revisions for up to 100 devices and 350 end-users.
  • Enforce data integrity, protect information security, and control network and computer systems access.

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The measure of products engineering quality is not just about hitting a set of predefined metrics, but also investing in the quality of people behind it... your team.

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