John Muchiri 

Web Artisan Among Other Things

About me 

I am full-stack Web Developer/Software Engineer with Masters Degree in Computer Science from University of Illinois, Springfield. My areas of focus is in web development, databases and mobile technologies. I have experience in both back-end and front-end development. 


Technologies include PHP (Laravel, CodeIgniter, WordPress), NodeJS and JavaScript (React, jQuery, VueJS), databases (NoSQL, MySQL, SQL), and Python. I develop RESTFUL API endpoints and front-end solutions to consume API data utilizing CI/CD practices using pipelines.


I have undertaken development of small to enterprise web-based business automation applications for clients in U.S and U.K. Other interests include cyber-security and penetration testing using Kali distribution tools, philanthropy, capital ventures and start-ups. I manage Windows and Linux servers (Debian and CentOS).


I currently work as a Database & Systems Administrator with U.S. Army and as small business owner at A&M Digital Technologies where I manage remote development teams for mobile and web applications. I also independently develop and maintain few projects.